The HCG diet is a weight loss approach that works through the help of the diet hormone. The HCG will make a difference to your effort in trying to lose weight. The daily HCG Injections are done along with the low-calorie intake. You must have this in the 3 to 6 weeks duration of the VLCD. It is important to maintain the HCG to be able to reach success on phase 2 of the HCG diet.

Five Major Benefits of Maintaining Your HCG Shots

  1. The HCG will suppress your appetite– The reason why you are feeling less hunger during the low-calorie intake is the HCG. It suppresses your appetite to avoid eating too much. The HCG causes your body to pull calories from stored fat. This will make you not experience severe hunger sensations.
  2. Burns you fats and preserves muscle- The HCG will reset your metabolism towards burning your fat. The burned fats will be used for energy during the very low-calorie intake. The good thing about using HCG is that it does not affect your muscle mass. Unlike other weight-loss regimens, the HCG will only burn your body fats and leaves your muscle behind. It can also improve the firmness and integrity of your lean muscle mass.
  3. The HCG balances your hormones- You are gaining weight probably because of the imbalances of hormones in your body. The HCG will normalize your hormones so that you can lose weight easily. The HCG also helps in renewing your hormones that have been degrading because of aging.
  4. It prevents diseases- Weight gain or obesity is linked with diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. When you lose weight through the HCG diet you can curb your risk to diseases. The HCG helps to renew your cells through weight loss. Thus, prevents you from developing certain cancers and other chronic diseases.
  5. HCG diet is for better endurance- Losing weight improves endurance and increase energy levels. The HCG diet will help you do the activities that you have not yet done before. The HCG can also improve your immune system and allows your body to fight against free radicals.

The exact dose of HCG you must have daily

For most this is going to be 125ius to 150ius. The dose of the HCG diet and duration on Phase 2 depends on how much weight you want to lose. Maintain the dose at the same time each day for greater weight loss. If you are using other forms of HCG such as pellets and drops make sure to have a regular dose daily. For HCG drops you must take it 3 to 4 times a day. The regular dose for the HCG pellet is 500ius.

Things you must do while having your HCG shots

  • Make sure that the HCG is clear and properly mixed
  • Inject the HCG in the subcutaneous layer of your skin to avoid pain
  • During the HCG diet, you have to maintain 500 calorie intake
  • Remove all the visible fats from your food before cooking
  • Weigh your food raw especially the lean protein choices
  • Drink an adequate amount of water per day