HCG Diet


Allow to lose weight and embrace new eating habits. Influence the people around you to start new habits. The healthy habits are important during the HCG diet to maintain a healthy body. This is because you will not succeed in your HCG diet if you are still doing your unhealthy habits. Doing good eating habits will help you stay on your weight-loss track.

Embracing a good eating habit on the HCG diet

Starting new eating habits is hard if you are used to an unhealthy routine. However, the HCG diet will help you in embracing new habits. Choose fat-free foods and observe a proper portion control of your foods. Serve a sugar and carb free meals during your HCG diet. You have to get used to loading whole foods and avoid cheating. Embracing new habits will help you avoid the risk of weight-related diseases.

How to start a new eating habit on the HCG diet?

  • Start to have new food choices- Have discipline in choosing the right food to eat. Have the list of the allowed foods for your HCG diet. These foods are chosen carefully for the maintenance of your weight loss. HCG meal choices are also important in keeping your body healthy. Your food choices must be more on whole and organic foods.
  • Discipline your way of eating– You have to eat slowly to detect fullness. If you are eating fast you will not be able to know if you are still hungry or you are already full. The purpose of eating slowly is to properly process each food that you have. Follow the calorie cut down if you are doing Phase 2.
  • Prepare your snack– Avoid buying in food chains or restaurants. Start to create your snack by choosing food items in your HCG diet food list. Make a nutritious and a diet-friendly snack. Watch out with your calories if you are doing Phase 2 of the HCG diet. You can choose from HCG diet fruits for a healthy snack.
  • Have a proper control of food portions– Portioning your food will greatly help in your HCG diet.  Once you fail to do food portioning your weight loss might be affected. You also have to read food labels and check the ingredients. This is because the HCG diet does not allow you to have processed foods. Be careful with your food choices make sure that it does not have sugar or carbs.