HCG Diet


Dealing with your menstruation during weight loss is challenging. Menstruation causes weight gain, cravings, and cramping. But, these are just minor and temporary cases that may come during your weight loss. Do not allow these situations to interfere with your HCG diet.

What is the cause of weight gain during menstruation?

Hormonal changes that cause water retention is the reason of weight gain during menstruation. Water retention is the buildup of fluid inside your body, especially during menstruation. This is a normal situation that usually lasts for 3 days. Weight gain because of water retention will just be gone after your period. Do not panic because it is just a normal response of the body during menstruation. Continue to load on healthy foods and stay hydrated. Hydration can help in keeping out water retention.

Things you can do in dealing with menstruation during HCG diet

  • Relieve PMS (premenstrual syndrome) – PMS are menstruation signs such as mood changes. Walking around will control your mood. It will also keep you from eating too much.
  • Take a rest if you experience headache– Take a nap if your head is aching. Take time to relax your body and mind. Food cravings will get worse if your brain is restless.
  • Do light exercises to control worst PMS– Light exercise such as yoga will help you clear your mood. It can help you breathe and clear your mind that can also help in keeping off stress.
  • Be mindful in eating– Cravings may come unexpectedly on your HCG diet. Be mindful in eating so that you will avoid weight gain. This will also help you to control your emotions towards eating. Thus, stops emotional eating.
  • Fight food temptations or stay away from sources of foods– Staying around with the foods in your surrounding will increase your cravings. Stay away from overeating by fighting food temptations.
  • Stay hydrated– Drink water at all times so that you will not feel too many cravings. This will also help you deal with water retention.

How to deal with cravings during your period during your HCG diet?

Cravings are caused by the serotonin levels of your body during the period. It may lead you to eat unhealthy foods unconsciously. Loading too much may ease your cravings but it will bring a disaster to your HCG diet. Load more on high-fiber foods to avoid cravings. You can also make an easy-to-grab snack such as fruits. This will help you avoid loading too many calories. You can also load more protein to stop cravings.